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Portraits, music, boudoir, fashion, live music, ... and dogs.

Photographing people is what I love doing in life.


As a photographer, I'm very easy going. It's the person in front of the camera who's important, not me.

People often tell me I'm very discreet, that they're at ease in front of the camera.


Studio or location

Have camera, will travel.

I love to work on location, whether it's calm nature or a crowded city.

One of the reasons I moved to Belgian coast is because of the sunlight here, which is very unique and a gift for a visual artist.


And I also have a studio in Ostend, Belgium which is part daylight/controlled electrical light and part greenkey. Excellent for shoots with one or a few persons.

Do you need me?

Maybe you like my style and you want to collaborate?

I love doing

  • portraits

  • band pics

  • live concert pics

  • events

  • boudoir

  • fashion

Click here to mail for further information and bookings:

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